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Keeping streets and parking lots clean and debris-free

Buy or Rent A Stewart-Amos Sweeper Truck

Large Volume Cleans

These sweep trucks are designed for effectively cleaning large volumes of bulky or heavy debris in a single pass.

Reduced Costs

The extra adjustment points reduce wear, lowering your long-term upkeep and ownership costs.

Longer Life

The additional shaft enables a looser chain that reduces the impact of wear and tear.

Enhanced Performance

By optimizing chain spacing and reducing clogging, the third-shaft design delivers more reliable large-debris sweeping results.

Mechanical Broom Street Sweeper Models

Starfire mechanical sweeper trucks feature an exclusive 3-Shaft Elevator System that offers numerous advantages over a 2-shaft version. These benefits include:

  • Extended chain life: 3rd shaft provides proper return (upper) chain support. This allows chains to run as loose as possible dramatically improving chain wear life versus similar 2-shaft designs.
  • Reduced maintenance costs: 3rd shaft provides twice the number of chain adjustment points. Together with reduced chain wear, this significantly reduces maintenance downtime & costs versus 2-shaft designs.
  • Better loading/sweeping performance:Eliminates chain clapping common in 2-shaft designs. 3rd shaft optimizes chain spacing, reduces clogging & ensures more effective sweeping of large, bulky debris.
All Starfire models are equipped with unique features designed to make your sweeping tasks safer, easier and more cost effective.

These highly efficient machines feature a rotating cylindrical street sweeper broom that flicks debris onto a conveyor, which transfers it to a hopper for collection.

A mechanical brush sweeper produces an abrasive action that breaks down large debris into smaller pieces, making them easier to collect.

Easy to Operate, Simple to Maintain

Regenerative Air Sweeper Trucks

Regenerative air street vacuums are an excellent choice for your everyday sweeping needs. They provide a wide cleaning path and can remove smaller debris more efficiently than other machines. They are:

  • Versatile
  • Cost Effective
  • Easy To Maintain

These machines use a controlled blast of air to dislodge debris from the surface, enabling you to clean large areas quickly and efficiently.

  • bolt-together stainless steel hopper panels
  • 5-year no-rust through hopper factory warranties
  • hopper top access doors that makes screen cleaning faster, easier and safer
All Galaxy models are equipped with unique features designed to make your sweeping tasks safer, easier and more cost effective.

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